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Roller conveyor

HKD Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of rack roller rollers in Vietnam. Plastic roll bar products are made in Vietnam and imported from Korea, China. Plastic roller slider products are used to make shelves and convey products in production. With the cheap motto is the foundation, the price of plastic roller slider that HKD Vietnam provides always ensure the reasonable and approved by customers.


HKD Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of transportation solutions from vehicle to warehouse and from warehouse to vehicle. In addition to moving bucket, bag transfer, plastic roller conveyor roller also used to transfer trays of all kinds. Includes beer tank, fresh water tank. The lightweight plastic roller conveyor ladder facilitates the assembly, lifting of ladders everywhere, can be used and cut easily, and can be loaded onto trucks to be used for transfer. groin.

Buy quality cheap plastic roller connecting rods in Ho Chi Minh City to convey boxes, or make trolleys and shelves to store goods.


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